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I am a 23 year old passionate software developer based in Bengaluru, India. I have steadily engaged myself in various roles at my organisation starting from being an individual contributor to leading teams.

I as a developer have always been strikingly excited about developing great applications, building engaging products, discussing complex technical problems and simplifying them. Starting my journey as a developer from my second year in college, I have rigorously invested time in building applications for and around the android platform and have existed in that ecosystem ever since. My tenure as the President at Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) VIT Student Chapter and as the Technical Project Lead at GDG Vellore exposed me to endless possibilities and innovation that we can achieve using technology.

I have had the priviledge of contributing, designing and maintaining Android applications, Android SDKs, SDK releases, microservices revolving around central services and have also experienced maintaining databases. Although my primary language has always been Java, I have fair experience writing code in Python and Javascript for various usecases.

I am currently impacting as a Full Stack Developer at Nuclei. (July 2018-Present)

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